this is Denis, the founder of BURON.io
We are developing software for the cryptocurrency mining. Today in winter solstice day, we glad to announce some awesome news for you.
We have released BURON beta version, launched ICO and made our token "minable".
ICO start
We are starting ICO, the main stage of selling BURC tokens. Support our crowdsale. Now it's the right time to get maximun bonus. We have prepared the answers to your question "Why BURC tokens are worth buying", and we have compiled instructions on "How to buy them".
You can buy BURC tokens not only for ETH, but also for any other of ten most popular cryptocurrencies. You can send me a reply to this email or write in our chat on the website if you are going to buy.
Beta version release
Last month we actively tested BURON software and now we launch a public beta for GPU and CPU miners. You can register using registration link. Here is instructions on how to set everything up and FAQs.
Mining of BURC tokens
We are announcing the start of our bounty campaign for miners. This means that everyone who uses our software, instead of paying us, will receive a reward in the form of BURC tokens. The number of bonus tokens is limited.

And ...
We have updated our website, White Paper, added new FAQ page and a lot of new stuff.
Best regards,

Denis Shuleikin
the founder of BURON project

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